Standard Bow Amazon - West Ladder

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This product contains:

Helmet: Giant Skull Bone Visage (2 Open Sockets)
Armor: Fortitude Dusk Shroud (25-27% Resistances)
Gloves: +3 Bow&Crossbow Skills / 20% Increased Attack Speed
Belt: Nosferatu's Coil
Boots: War Traveler's (30-39%MF)
Ring: Bul-Katho's Ring (3-4% Life leech)
Ring: Raven Frost (+20 Dexterity)
Amulet: Cat's Eye
Main Weapon: Faith Grand Matron Bow (+12-14 Fanaticism)
Switch Weapon: Call to Arms (1-3 battle Orders)
Switch Shield: Spirit Monarch (30-34%FCR)
Grand Charms: 5x Amazon Bow&Crossbow GC's
Small Charms: 5x +20 to Life SC's