1x D2/D2 LoD Keyset Diablo 2 CDkey and Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Keyset

Sale price$10.99 USD


Offering original D2/D2LOD keyset. Totally virgin keysets.

How it works:
Upon purchasing the keyset, we will send you an email with your 26 digit CDKeys for both D2 and LOD Expansion Pack. We are using dummy Bnet accounts to create and purchase your CDKeys legitimately. So you will not be able to tie the keys to your own Bnet account. You will be able to use these keys as you please.

We will be selling you the keysets using this method. No other D2 sites sell at this pricing. We know. We checked. All keys are 1st-hand. No other person except the D2Legacy personnel who created the Bnet acct has seen the keys.

No refund request will be entertained.