Enigma Runeword

+750 – 775 Defense
+14 Life After Each Kill
+45% Faster Run/Walk
+ (0.75 Per Character Level) +0-74 To Strength (Based On Character Level)
+2 To All Skills
+ (1 Per Character Level) +1-99% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)
+1 To Teleport
Increase Maximum Life 5%
15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
Damage Reduced By 8%

Enigma Runeword is one of the most popular body armor runewords, which is most commonly used for the exceptional and elite versions of the Light Plate; Enigma grants, among other things, +1 to Teleport no matter the class (not charges, but the actual Skill). It provides other useful stats, but Teleport is the most valued bonus, which is very useful to many builds.