During checkout, enter your realm under Billing Details.  NOTE: If you enter the incorrect Realm and we have filled the order, the order will NOT be refunded. You will have to take the items as is.

YES! We’re happy to announce we are offering our services for Diablo 2 Resurrected. Check out our Shop to browse products.

This is determined by many factors including: realm, time of day, the number of orders ahead of yours, etc.  Typical delivery of an order when we’re online is about 15-30 minutes. For offline hours (4am-1pm EST) orders will be delivered when we open up.

For Diablo 2 Resurrected order times will vary. All Resurrected orders should be completed within 1-3 hours.

At the bottom-right of your screen (or bottom if you are on mobile), there is a “Chat with us” button. Click on it for live chat with our friendly Customer Service representative. (Not available from NA 4am – 11am daily) Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]

Yes! We offer delivery and support. But take note if you order between 4am-1pm EST, we may take a few hours to fill your order. And we may not answer chat at that time. We will always try to fulfill your orders fast during peak hours in the evenings.

Maybe. We do our best to stay competitive in this market. We strive to fill orders faster, provide cheap prices, and have the best reward system possible. Just ask us on Live Chat if you have an issue with an item price.  DO NOT haggle with us on pricing, rewards, or discounts on Live Chat. We will try to accommodate special requests, but we reserve the right to say NO.

Credit card, debit card, and Bitcoin payments (Come in live chat to talk to us if you are paying by BTC) are accepted at this time.  Security Certificates are valid for D2Legacy and all payments are encrypted to provide top security. Note:  There is a minimum of $2 per order.  Orders less than $2 will be rejected.

We will create a new Diablo 2 account and place your order on a new character.  An email will be sent to you containing the account information. We also offer an in-game delivery service:  After you receive your completed email, message us on Live Chat and request a transfer. We will deliver the items to your game personally before marking the order complete. Take note this option is not available between 4am-1pm EST

For Diablo 2 Resurrected all orders will be delivered in game personally. Once you place your order we’ll fill it and send you an email to let you know it’s completed. Once you receive your completed email, come into live chat with your order number and game name, we’ll make sure to get you the items.

NOTE: All Resurrected in-game transfers will be on AMERICA’s servers.